Monday, March 2, 2015

Can they harness wind from lawyers?

One of the first wind farm proposals in the United States - Cape Wind - remains just a proposal after 14 years.
There are lawyers fighting the project.
Lawyers fighting for the project.
Now, lawyers fighting the companies that wanted the power produced - except the deadline passes.
Cape Wind's lawyers will be using a big gust of wind in their defense.
Cape Wind has said the lawsuits triggered a clause in the agreement known as force majeure, which extended deadlines for the project. As a result, the utilities improperly terminated and breached the contracts, Gordon said.
“A force majeure suspends all obligations under the contract,” Gordon said. “We need to sit down with the utilities and work it out.”
I heard Sheldon Cooper use "force majeure" once.
The lawyer didn't listen to him that time.

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