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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Look at DTV runs an item about the troubled DTV transition. It thinks the biggest trouble is the voucher program, which left millions waiting for their $40 coupon as the original Feb. 17 deadline loomed.
As I remember, the vouchers were not part of the plan when the original DTV law came into being in 2005. They were an add-on to help those Congress thought couldn't afford either new digital TVs or the converter boxes.
People knew about the transition, thanks to endless reminders whenever you watched TV. The FCC only got 25,000 calls to its hotline on Feb. 18, just six calls per additional person hired to man the call center.
People pay their bills and people would have handled the DTV transition fine. Trying to help a few cost many plenty.

Friday, February 20, 2009

"Pleasantly surprised"

From Bill Archer of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, the DTV transition has gone well in the mountains of far Southwest Virginia.
“We received 83 calls on Tuesday, and the number of calls has fallen off since then,” said Frank Brady, general manager of WVVA. “Most of our viewers seem to be prepared. Really, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the transition.”
Thanks for worrying, Congress, but we have this under control.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Karl Rove and DTV

Early riser From on High highlights the governments struggles in the DTV transition. Aside from the political bickering (like no one could see that coming), you have two agencies involved. Which meant one could blame the other when things weren't going right.
Which reminds me of Karl Rove's column a few weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal. With all the cabinet members, special area czars and extra advisors running around the Obama White House, are they going to work together or just blame each other for the problem when things go wrong.
It's government agencies. There's only one logical answer. Fight, fight, fight.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Power of Congress

Last week, Congress voted to postpone the end of analog broadcast until June. For the past year, TV stations have been broadcasting numerous reminders that the deadline was going to be Feb. 17.
Don Surber points out that Charleston, WV stations are also ending analog broadcasting on the original deadline.
So much for listening to the wisdom of our Senators, Representatives and the Obama administration.
I wonder how many stations will be broadcasting both analog and digital on Feb. 18? Won't need many hands to count them.

Friday, February 6, 2009

DTV - don't touch that dial

So Congress voted to delay the DTV transition until June. If I had a dime for every 2-17-09 commercial the TV stations have put on, I could pay for the whole stimulus package.
I checked with the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, and their local stations plan on going ahead with pulling the analog pull on the scheduled date.

“We’re going full steam ahead,” Frank Brady, vice president and general manager of WVVA-TV said. “We have educated the public through enough public service announcements, and I’ve explained the process over enough rubber chicken luncheons to get the message across, and we think our viewers are ready.”

A deadline helps focus the mind. Right, President (I want the stimulus bill next week) Obama?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Switching places

So we're trying to delay the DTV transition for a few months while pushing through a stimulus (cough, cough) bill in a few weeks. How about sticking with the DTV date of February and giving people a chance to read the stimulus bill before passing it? And it may take until June to get through all the stuff in this stimulus (cough, cough) bill.