Friday, March 6, 2015

January 2017 is coming

What's the theme of the week?
On Tuesday, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke against President Obama's proposed 10-year deal with Iran on nuclear weapons.
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments about Obamacare - did the IRS correctly interpret the law on subsidies.
The theme?
President Obama wants to do things and enforce future lawmakers to honor his decisions.
Obama, with two years left in his tenure, wants to bind future presidents about Iran.
The bind would be stronger if Congress approved of the deal.
Instead of persuading, he wants to go it alone.
Obamacare sets subsidies for policies purchased through state exchanges.
Most states failed to create exchanges.
Instead of asking Congress to clarify the meaning, his IRS decided where to give subsidies.
Now comes the sob stories, trying to bind continuing subsides to those who should not have gotten them under the law.
When you leave office, your work can be undone.
President Obama needs to remember that.

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