Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mandatory bracketology

How interesting that President Obama talked about mandatory voting during the week that people who know nothing of college basketball think they can pick 63 games with some degree of accuracy.
Look at the pool of brackets to see what might happen.
On average, people pick the top seeds to make the Final Four.
A few years ago, ESPN ran polls during their breakdown of the bracket. It was top seeds across the board.
You run with the front runners. In politics, you'd have the big spenders in TV commercials rewarded.
Look at President Obama's bracket for other examples.
Usually, a 12th seed will beat a five seed. So Obama picked a pair of those upsets.
But this year, all the fifth seeds won.
Past performance does not guarantee future results.
Voting is much more important than picking an office basketball poll. Knowledge and interest should be the factors behind voting, not just being born.

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