Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Get the discussion going

Benjamin Netanyahu's speech sure got people talking.
If you didn't like his speech, there were plenty of excuses to throw.
And see what sticks.
Through it all, President Obama's reaction didn't look good.
In loosing off all the phony-baloney bipartisan crapola, Netanyahu reminded us how easy it is to play the game, and how small and petty Obama is by comparison. And then, without ever saying it directly, he went on to lay out (or, if you're as touchy as Mother Jones, "mansplain") how pathetic it is to be that small and petty at this tide in the affairs of man.
Mother Jones is right to that extent: it was a man's speech, delivered at times with oblique but intentional Churchillian flourishes - "some change, some moderation," as he said of Rouhani's Iran.

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