Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tripped up by his mouth

Ace looks at the newest blast from Donald Trump's mouth - and whether that will slow his momentum.
And while Trump seems to either have a problem with women (how long did he spend attacking Megyn Kelly, versus how long did he spend attacking Chris Wallace?) or is simply unburdened by the Middle Class Respectability code of gallantry towards women, It is making a very large and influential block of people absolutely disgusted by him, repelled by him not a political level (which could always later be finessed or papered over) but on a personal level (which can never be repaired).

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Mike aka Proof said...

His remarks about Carly Fiorina were a cheap shot. Hardly "presidential".

Ben Carson made some small comparison of his faith with Trump's.
Trump was indignant because Carson "doesn't know me". Then, without knowing Carson, Trump proceeded to criticize Carson's faith. Pure hypocrisy.