Thursday, September 17, 2015

Not mad about you

The debate was on the home turf of Roger L. Simon, so the Mad Voter went to event and offers his thoughts.
But someone, or ones, did win the debate and  since I’m supposed to be the Mad Voter, I guess I should reveal my picks.  But in this election most of all, that may prove to be irrelevant.  We all see everything simultaneously almost no matter where we are.  Why would any pundit or commentator know more than his or her readers or viewers?  I mean they (we) can pretend we do — it’s good business, after all — but we’re as clueless as anybody else.  Don’t believe me? Well, check the comments.
WINNERS:  Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio. They both sounded smart and authoritative, assuming that matters.  (It should.) Carly got in some zingers and I think by the time the third debate comes along, she may have expectation problems, the bar will be so high.  (Cruz is supposed to be the hot-shot debater, but he looks fairly ineffectual by comparison.)  Rubio — although I know this freaks out some commenters — is likely the future of the Republican Party, either now or in 2020.  Fellas, get used to it.

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