Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just another pundit

John Podertz isn't impressed with Pope Francis' pronouncements at the U.N.
We’re told we must not view the pope’s expression of views on contemporary subjects through the lens of day-to-day issues — that we belittle him and ourselves by examining his words through an ideological filter.
Because of the awesome position he holds, and by dint of his own teachings and his life and teachings before he rose to service as the Vicar of Christ, Francis is said to be deeper and loftier than mere politics.
Sorry: When the pontiff sounds less like a theological leader and more like the
8 p.m. host on MSNBC or the editor of Mother Jones, what’s a guy to do?

DaTech Guy reminds us that the media's impression of the pope's visit doesn't change church beliefs.
While Andrew Cuomo’s “Companion” been prayed for & many people with all kinds of relationships greeted with smiles and waves, he has not changed the rules concerning adultery or fornication both remain mortal sins and a danger to the soul. In fact it’s worth noting that the Catholic he emphasized, Dorothy Day was adamant about sex belonging to marriage and furthermore
She urged her readers to follow the entirely of the Church’s teachings on abortion, birth control, and divorce in a column published in the early 1970s—when the modern feminist movement was in full swing.
The pope will head home.
The media will remain confused at home.

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