Sunday, September 13, 2015

Life on the Beltway

In politics, we talk about inside the Beltway and outside the Beltway life.
I think we can learn a lot about both while driving the actual Beltway.
My trips from Fishersville to Baltimore gives me the choice of driving the Capital Beltway or avoiding it to the west.
Saturday, I avoided it and found I made the smart decision.
There was an accident near the American Legion Bridge on the western side, which created a major traffic bottleneck.
Sunday, I headed south.
I figured Sunday afternoon should not be a big time to try, with the Redskins playing.
There was nothing major, but a few slowdowns that taught some lessons.
  1. People will make mistakes that cause you inconvenience.
  2. Looking at other's mistakes doesn't speed the process.
  3. Anticipate that there will be problems, and be relieved if there's not.
  4. You would think people would learn from past mistakes. But they find new ways to make mistakes.
Life may be a Sunday drive at times.
If only everyone tried to make it easier for others.

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