Thursday, August 19, 2010

Total numbskulls?

For those fussing about the "Is President Obama a Muslim?" question, three words.
It's August, people.
Vacation time in D.C. Those left behind are searching for story angles while awaiting the return of Congress (or Glenn Beck's August 28th rally).
Enough blaming the American people for crazy views. People have better things to do than answer polling questions in August. Or deeply think about the president's background.
Instead of asking what the poll question says about the American people, how about asking what the question says about President Obama. The differences people praise him for - professorial air and temperament - leave him disconnected from the mass of Americans.
If the people don't feel connected to the president, it's easier for them to think of him as "the other." In this case, Muslim.
The American people aren't numbskulls. Those who call them "total numbskulls" are.

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