Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Connecting your bubbles

Instapundit has been mentioning the "higher-education bubble" plenty of times recently.
We've dealt with the housing bubble in recent years.
How about thinking how the connection between the two keeps the housing bubble deflated for a long time.
For housing prices to finally pick up - reinflate the burst bubble -  you need buyers. Young people looking for their first houses. If the young people are burdened with high levels of student debt due to the higher-education bubble, they can't buy houses.
Maybe your house is a move-up house. Great. Except your buyers need a buyer of a starter house before they can buy your house. Given the choice of two houses, they would like your house. But they are stuck with theirs.
Let's cut the cost of college education by 25 percent immediately. It's for the economy. If college remains so expensive, President Obama and Democrats will lose upcoming elections.
College administrators, you need to take one for the team.

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