Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tossing out some RINO dead weight

Ace of Spades compares the Tea Party takeover of the Republican party with the all-huff and no change battle within the Democratic party the past two election cycles.
I wonder how jealous guys like Kos are right now. They couldn't even replace Liebermann in Connecticut. While Angle, Rubio and Paul haven't won their races, it's a pretty good bet at least one and likely two of the the three will. Add that to Lee in Utah and (fingers crossed) Miller in AK and that's a nice haul.

Sure we might have to live with Kirk in IL and Castle in DE (and fingers crossed again) Fiorina in CA but diverse governing coalitions are a feature, not a bug of the American system.
The Democrats had to move to the center, at least rhetorically, to win their majority (think Tester in MT, Webb in VA plus a whole bunch of House members who are now running from the left). Meanwhile, the GOP has a very good chance of improving its numbers by moving right, while tossing out some RINO dead weight.

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