Sunday, August 15, 2010

In the beginning

Dustbury notes an interesting project - condensing each chapter in the Bible to a twitter-length 140 characters.
It's eight chapters down, over a thousand to go. You can follow the progress.


Tina said...

um. Well ok ... but I thought that was what happened a few hundred years ago when they numbered the verses. whole lot of them fall within the 140 character thing... ;-)

Heh. and just watch, give it 6 months and there will be people actually claiming the right to argue what scripture means because they read the Bible on Twitter!

Just playing because it is funny. It is also an interesting publicity campaign that may bring some good attention to the Bible. :-)

CGHill said...

Then again, if they tweeted a verse a day, it would take them about 85 years to finish the whole thing.