Sunday, September 10, 2017

On the solar and wind front

The looming hurricane has climate change proponents in action - this storm is so bad because you don't listen to us.
So solar and wind power and we'll have a better future, they say.
They point to Europe.
But Germany is going to fall short on its targets for 2020.
The German government has targeted a 40 percent reduction of GHG emissions by 2020, as compared to 1990 levels, but with less than three years to go the country remains far from achieving that goal. Berlin already admitted that the 40 percent goal likely wasn’t possible, and instead lowered its sights to a 35 percent reduction, but even that seems unlikely now. A new study from the green think tank Agora Energiewende says Germany is likely to achieve only a 30-31 percent reduction.
Maybe nature has more input into the hurricane than man's energy use.

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