Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saving the day

Yid with Lid reminds us of Israel's daring raid into Iraq in 1981.
Over twenty years later when the world began to face a terrorist threat as never before the world began to realize the service performed by Israel, the IAF and Menachem Begin.
Just imagine a world with Iraq or, God Forbid, a terrorist with their hands on a nuclear weapon. If it wasn't for Menachem Begin, a Prime Minister with guts to give the orders to protect Israel, knowing (but not caring) that a world would absolutely freak, and the heroes of the IDF who flawlessly performed their mission, this scary world have happened already. For those who are still questioning PM Netanyhu's reaction to Barack Obama's P5+1 deal, remember what happened thirty-four years ago, and understand that Israel will do anything it takes, no matter what the world thinks, to defend herself. And if they do, eventually the world will say thank you. But it really doesn't matter.

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