Wednesday, July 8, 2015

He went out with a bang

The story of the Maine man who died shooting off fireworks might bring a change in the law.
Probably not.
Keeping fireworks out of people's hands wouldn't stop bad behavior.
Staples’s fiancee, Kara Hawley, said the whole thing was an accident.
Hawley, 30, said Staples was likely “buzzed” from alcohol and that he accidentally lit the cigarette lighter in his hand while dancing with the firework on his head, the Portland Press Herald reported.
“He would never intentionally do something like that. He was just trying to get us to laugh,” Hawley told the Press Herald.
Friends of Staples who were with him at the time said they tried to dissuade him from the stunt and were taken aback when they saw the fuse was lit. Hawley told the Press Herald that after she saw the mortar was lit, she yelled at Staples to throw it away but “it was too late.”

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