Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greece and Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has been drawing large crowds and enthusiasm in his bid for the Democratic nomination.
Will it last?
The vote in Greece will be an indicator.
Sanders wants more stuff for the people, thinking the rich can pay for it.
Greece has wanted more stuff for its people, thinking the Germans can pay for it - or ignore the lack of Greek payments on their loan.
If Greece decides to leave the Euro, we'll have a real-life example of the trouble of overpromising fiscal goodies without paying for it.
Sanders' enthusiasm comes from the goodies he plans to offer.
Eventually, you need to pay for things.
Or convince those with money to pay.
Greece hasn't convinced its creditors this year.
We'll see if Sanders watches and learns.

1 comment:

edutcher said...

We're not Greece is the problem.

And Bernie is the "Clean Gene" McCarthy of this cycle (if before your time, look him up).

The Demo establishment, unless they've entirely lost their minds, will not let him have the nomination.

PS I think there's a ton of buyers' remorse among the Demos about the Choom Gang, but they won't be able to admit it. for a while.