Saturday, July 18, 2015

O'Malley doesn't matter

Martin O'Malley tried to speak at Saturday's Netroots gathering.
He had company on the stage quickly.
The protesters chanted about black lives and the names of black women who have died in police custody. The women who took the stage spoke about the tragedy of black lives lost, “structural racism in the United States,” and how “we are in a state of emergency.”
The activists were also on stage to confront O’Malley about his plans to deal with racial issues and out-of-control law enforcement targeting minorities.
O’Malley’s conversation with Jose Antonio Vargas got sidelined for quite a bit of time, and Vargas was really trying to keep things going so O’Malley would have enough time to address their concerns. And after they left the stage, address them he did, talking about the “pain and grief” everyone feels when anyone loses their life.
Good luck trying to get a message out, O'Malley.

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Mike aka Proof said...

He got booed when he said "All lives matter" and felt compelled to apologize for saying it.