Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pet death panels

Via Instapundit, a cat owner tells her second thoughts of extending her cat's life through expensive medical procedures.
The medical technology that extends your grandparents' lives can now help your pet.
Not what some expected.
“In a major ironic twist of fate, rather than human medicine learning the wisdom of euthanasia for suffering animals from veterinary medicine … veterinary medicine assimilated some of the more pernicious aspects of human medicine,” Rollin wrote. “In particular, as animals became increasingly viewed as members of the family, the reluctance to euthanize began to enter veterinary medicine.”
Government wants to control final costs for humans.
Government has no part in your pet's final months and days.
People want to live, and want their pets to live as long as possible.
You might think of the pain initially, but the good memories will rule in the long term.

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