Monday, November 22, 2010

Obamacare in the screening line

Are people just getting over-excited about the TSA's x-rays and pat-downs? Or is this just the Obamacare debate again?
Only a few people each day are selected for the x-ray machine, and only a few undergo the pat-down. Only a few of the thousands who fly each day. Chances are you'll never be bothered by the "enchanced techniques."
But last year at this time, President Obama and his friends were bringing out sad stories of people losing their health care, or having their rates sky-rocket due to problems beyond their control. It was only a few people, but enough for Democrats to push for a totally revised health care system.
Will a few tales of woes in the screening line force the TSA to change their new system? Or will they stand firm, that they know best?
And how come, in battles between the mass of people and the government, the government always thinks their way is the best?

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