Sunday, August 30, 2015

The lawyers will get a workout

Part of Obamacare will be heading to court soon - which fitness programs meet the laws' requirements and will be able to bill for their services.
The heavyweight fight starts in Washington, D.C. of course.
And it gets worse, says CrossFit, which offers a brand of high-intensity workouts and asserts that it is the nation’s largest chain of fitness facilities. The District, according to the company, has allowed itself to become a pawn in a bitter industry fight over which personal trainer certification will have the muscle of the law behind it. That could enrich some for-profit organizations and cost others dearly. CrossFit, an industry rebel with millions of devotees as well as critics who say its program leads to injury, says it could be hurt the most.
The tab for revamping CrossFit’s training courses could run into the tens of millions of dollars if the company is forced to do so nationwide, says its chief executive.
CrossFit fans may be in for a big workout - and attorneys for the firm also.

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