Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cool it

PJ Media wonders why the hate of air conditioning has become an item.
Of course, without regulatory overkill and artificial scarcity, none of this would be necessary. We’d be able to afford all the chill we wanted. Instead, the regulators would rather try to convince us that worse is better, less is more, and hotter is cooler. And while Europeans may be easy for Americans to dismiss, the men vs. women angle is part of what they think is the natural Left coalition: anyone who’s pro-A/C must be waging a [Cold] War on Women.
One article starts off with a woman in Omaha, upset because her office is too cold. I’ve been in Omaha in August. It’s every bit as bad as D.C. in August, and I spent 25 Augusts in D.C. You walk out of the building, and it’s like you’re hit with a wall of water. I can think of many cities that need A/C less than D.C. does, but few that need it more than Omaha.
Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

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