Monday, May 2, 2011

Tracking the tracker

SWACgirl examines the life of Alan, the Democratic tracker. She doesn't think she could do his job, but check out the benefits.
  • You get to eat at Mrs. Rowe's (didn't he? If not, there's no helping some people).
  • You get to hear George Allen speak a lot.
  • You get to be in the same room with some great Virginians.
  • You wake up everyday hoping "Today's the day George Allen says something stupid."
Now, I think Allen's learned his lesson from 2006. He'll be a much more disciplined, focused candidate in 2012.
He'll mind this tongue, stick to the issues and roll back into the Senate.
Alan the tracker, and his Democratic buddies, will have been there - part of history.
And each night, they fell asleep knowing they stood there with a camera - and got nothing.

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Lynn R. Mitchell said...

LOL. Good humorous take on it. Of course, I would love to track Allen ... but can't imagine tracking a Dem. It can't be fun to be the detested person in the room....