Friday, May 6, 2011

Join the Cain Train

There was a Republican presidential debate Thursday.
The Other McCain has been pumping the Herman Cain run, and has good reason.
Frank Luntz’s focus group just found: HERMAN CAIN WON!

Luntz says he has never seen anything like this: A previously unknown candidate winning over a focus group the way Cain did in South Carolina.
Donald who?

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Dai Alanye said...

Cain presented himself very well but was weak on policies other than economics. Even there he pushed the Fair Tax, of which I am no fan.

Santorum was the most substantial on policy, although he seemed too passionate at times, not appearing sufficiently "Presidential."

Pawlenty did well but still has that weird RINO record to get beyond.

Two kooks also attended the debate, one of whom hates the Fed, while the other climbs large hills but doesn't sing from them.