Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fine Mulberry Jam's Really Appetizing

Sorry for the late roundup, but it's a beautiful fall weekend. Time to visit the in-laws in West Virginia.
At the Other McCain, Smitty has been highlighting other roundups in his roundup. Let's check out the crew.
Another Black Conservative checks out the Nobel Peace scene, as does Left Coast Rebel and Valley of the Shadow.
COACHEP looks at health care.
A Conservative Shemale rolls out a good FMJRA roundup.
In Mala Fide checks out various topics, as does Ol' Broad.
Honesty in Motion was also traveling this weekend.
Mean ol' Meany has a Monday roundup. Imagine that.
Reaganite Republican Resistance lets both barrels fire.
The BlogProf dumps on various questionable schemes.
Enjoy what's left of the weekend. Have some bacon or enjoy the outdoors.

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Ferdinand Bardamu said...

Thanks for the link, man. I've added you to my reader and roll.