Sunday, October 7, 2018

That glow in the mirror is the bridge you just burned

How will Brett Kavanaugh rule in the Supreme Court?
How will he respond to his treatment by liberals and conservatives during the confirmation hearings?
Now that more than 2,400 law professors have signed a letter saying Kavanaugh’s temperament disqualifies him from serving on the court, all but a handful of far-right law schools are going to be no-go zones for him for years. If he can’t even visit, he can’t be wooed.
At my own workplace, Harvard Law, where Kavanaugh taught very successfully for years, some students moved to exclude him from future teaching after the assault allegations emerged. He bowed out of this year’s class with the excuse that he could not commit to teaching. Now it is hard to picture when and if he could come back without controversy.
They burnt the bridge.
Now they have to live with it.

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