Sunday, August 21, 2016

If you like your dad, you vote for Trump

The Progressives at DFA want people to watch a movie "The Brainwashing of My Dad" in their pursuit to get more liberals elected.
See the problem?
Lack of respect for your elders and their experiences.
Instead, they try to blame conservative talk radio for changing their dad's mind.
Do they have so little respect for their dad's intelligence that he could be brainwashed?
Just because he doesn't agree with you doesn't make him brainwashed.
My mother hated Rush Limbaugh for years, and now she's a big fan. She hasn't been brainwashed - she's seen bad things over the years that eroded her support of the traditional Democratic party.
I wonder if a pollster asked people about their experiences with their dads and the candidates.
I'd bet people who have a good relationship with their fathers would prefer Donald Trump more than those with a negative or neutral relationship.
If you trust your dad and his years of knowledge from the game of life, you'll trust a man from his generation - likely with his temperament - to run the country.

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