Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remembering Hurricane Gloria

The path of Hurricane Irene may closely follow Hurricane Gloria from 1985.
I remember watching a new syndicated news show that debuted in New York the day Gloria approached. They kept an outside camera going while talking about the potential doom the storm might cause.
We'll see what Irene has to offer.

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jill said...

I remember Gloria, too. We lived in NH at the time and I was 9 months+ pregnant. NH got the edge of the storm -- mostly a lot of wind. I had the baby the next day, a beautiful black-haired girl. Though Gloria is a lovely name, we stuck with our original choice.

A generation before that, my mother had a baby girl during Hurricane Edna (1954). The story goes that the local paper offered my mother $50 to name her baby (my sister) Edna. Mom said no dice.