Sunday, December 27, 2020

Listen to me, I agree with experts

View social media and you see the conflict bubbling up.
"I saw people not following the guidelines."
"Don't they care?"
Then come the responses.
"The government doesn't have a right to control what I do in my house."
And the counters.
"It's not okay to be a mass murderer. Don't you see gathering during COVID is the same thing.?
And so on and so on.
And it's going to get worse into January.
It's all a matter of trust.
We don't have any in each other.
If you support the lockdowns, you use government action to try and enforce your way.
If you don't, and want to continue living life somewhat as you did in the past, you point to Florida and other areas where people are trying to do that.
We don't trust others to act thoughtfully.
Instead, each action outside our comfort zone becomes a threat.
Either a threat to our way of life.
Or a threat to our life.
When there's speculation - "your actions could harm me" - versus reality - "I missed my family members final days because of your rules." - who holds the upper hand?
In an ideal world, we would trust our neighbors to be making good decisions and let them following their reasons.
Instead of watching them out our window, and tattling.

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