Sunday, November 8, 2020

Stick together with your friends

Legal Insurrection made its blog debut in October 2008, two weeks before I started. 
He remembers the rough days of 2009 and offers hope
Yet this is not 2008. One of the benefits of having been at this at Legal Insurrection since October 12, 2008, is that we’ve been through several cycles. Unlike Obama’s victory in 2008, we are starting out in a much better position in the House, and in state legislatures and statehouses that will influence redistricting. The massive red wave of 2010 could be replicated in 2022. The Senate will depend on the two Georgia runoffs on January 5, 2021 — if Republicans win at least one of them, the Senate is secure at least as a blocking mechanism against leftism. There are risks of defections and wobbliness, but no one knows how to use a slim majority to advantage as much as Mitch McConnell.

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