Thursday, July 11, 2019

Impeach or else

Andy Schmookler continues his tirade for Democrats to impeach President Trump.
Now it's do it or else.
If it was the passions burning in the hearts of the Democratic base that gave Pelosi the speakership after the 2018 election, it would seem that Pelosi’s putting out those fires by disheartening that Democratic 2/3 makes it less likely that Pelosi will gain the 2020 victory that seems to be her focal goal. 
So, setting aside the obligations of the “oath of office,” and setting aside the multiple threats to the nation represented by Donald Trump’s presidency (of which the undermining of the Constitution and the rule of law is but one), and considering only the Democrats’ political calculus: The need to rekindle those fires is one important political reason to look for a new Democratic leadership to rehearten the disheartened.
What do Democrats want?
What if they don't get it?
They'll sulk.

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