Sunday, December 31, 2017

Blame the drunk guy

A new story about Russia has popped up - blame Papadopoulos for the Russia investigation into Trump.
Questions remain.
However, Byron York raises some important questions:
(1) If Papadopoulos actions drove FBI probe, why wait til nearly Feb 2017 to interview him? If done to keep probe quiet before election, why wait more than two months after vote?
(2) When did officials brief Congress about Papadopoulos? They briefed Congress about Carter Page in late summer 2016.
(3) Did officials seek a surveillance warrant on Papadopoulos? They reportedly got one on Carter Page in summer 2016. Did they try to get one on Papadopoulos? If not, why not?
Another false flag leaked to the New York Times?
You can never go wrong jumping to that conclusion.

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