Saturday, June 3, 2017

Why we dislike Hillary

Hot Air tries to shed light on why so many dislike (or hate to some) Hillary Clinton.
Here’s another bit of reality for you. I don’t hate Hillary Clinton. I didn’t when she was First Lady. I didn’t when she was my Senator. I didn’t when she was Secretary of State. I didn’t when she was a presidential candidate. Oh, to be sure, I found her to be a luke-warm, mediocre candidate on the best of days. I opposed her reheated playbook of socialist policies which I felt would be destructive to the nation. I found her to be a person of little to no significant accomplishments who had both her Senate seat and her position at the State Department handed to her on a silver platter. I certainly had no intention of voting for her. But I didn’t hate her.
And here’s the other pertinent fact. I wouldn’t even be talking about her now were it not for two things. You (as in her adoring fans in the press) can’t stop talking about her and she can’t stop talking about herself.

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