Thursday, March 9, 2017

Obligated to pay more

Obamacare fans point to the people they say the law has helped.
What about those the law forced to pay more for worse coverage?
To me, that’s the essence of Obamacare: coerce certain people into paying for more health insurance than they need in order to subsidize health insurance for other people.
My wife’s situation is anomalous. I assume that only a small number of people in America have a primary insurance policy like hers.
But there may be millions of Americans who would like to buy the kind of policy we got for my wife — a lowish cost one with a high deductible that will protect us against the cost of medical catastrophes. (Indeed, it’s one of the principles of normal insurance purchasing to insure only against events you can’t afford the cost of bearing. That’s why I want to buy insurance for my home but not for my television or cell phone).

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