Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fishersville Mike's Joint Reindeer Alliance

Happy August. Congress is scattering across the country on vacation. Don't think they'll be calling it much of a vacation when they return after Labor Day.
The Other McCain spent the week pushing people's buttons - attacking West Virginia women and those who failed to invite him to the Red State gathering in Atlanta. Doesn't he need to get some sleep and conserve his strength for IG-gate?
He did give Daley Gator an excuse to post a picture of a lovely Gator lady. Something he was ready to do anyway. ThenGator put together linky roundup.
Don Surber moved on after posting a picture of the angry mob planning to attack the Other McCain.
And I can't forget about American Power's contribution to the blog wars this week. It inspired International Bikini-Fest week.
Reaganite Republican Resistance was smart enough to include Riehl World View in his weekly roundup.
Pat in Shreveport celebrated her blog's birthday with a special roundup.
Paco wonders how much cash you get for this clunker.
Troglopundit went on vacation and his fill-in bloggers caught the eye of Pundette.
Wyblog awaits the next chapter in Gates-gate, a ride-along with officer Crowley to see the world as he sees it.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take a trip or just chill out.

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