Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aggregating bloggers

The Other McCain officially debuts his new news site, NTCNews, today. He's got headlines. He's got feeds from other sites. He's got links to other bloggers and what they're thinking. Visit early and often.
And go ahead and hit the tip jar. Because he's not using his past associations for one more season in the new media sun.
McCain not only aggregates news site. He collects bloggers to his news team. I'm part of his email list to help promote all of our blogs. (must be because we both drove '84 Chevettes) Bloggers from across the country, with different perspectives and different strengths.
I used that aggregation last week, turning an idea into a cool graphic thanks to another member of the team. And had highest visit day by far and got my first link from pajamasmedia.
I visited Paco Enterprises, and found a post Monday from his linking bloggers from Tim Blair's comment family. From Australia to the United States, commenters turned bloggers trading insights and helping them gain traction in the vast internet.
As newspapers fade and people try to figure out how to make money on internet news gathering, look for these informal associations to lead the way.
UPDATE: Made the right sidebar at the Other McCain.

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