Sunday, November 8, 2009

Health care reform timeline

2009 - Barely passes in House.
2011 - Defunded in new GOP-led House
2013 - Repealed with bill signed by new GOP president. Then we do it right.
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Ella from Toronto said...

Just 5 votes in favour - how little is that?! Your country is seriously divided...

When something passes just by 5 votes, what is the right thing to do? Change the bill? 5 votes shouldn't decide the future of anything in my opinion..

I'm glad I'm only watching it from abroad - wouldn't like this to be happening in here.

Good luck,

smitty1e said...

"Doing it right", in my Federalist opinion, means unwinding the stack of bad legislation for the last century, and restoring a meaningful three-level government.

Ella from Toronto said...

@smitty1e: sounds easier than it's done.. but good luck with that :)