Sunday, June 7, 2009

Roundup of roundups

The weekends are time for bloggers in the other McCain universe to pump it the linkage with links to other blog post they've liked.
This weekend, top photoshopper NoSheeplesHere kicks off the list with a wide variety of links.
Pundit and Pundette has been busy this week, but not too busy to collect a wealth of links.
Smitty compiles the epic Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around at other McCain. This week includes links to the new venture, NTCnews. Hopefully the Technorati robots will not go on strike due to the vast quantity of work they had to do this week.
DaleyGator focuses on D-Day to begin his weekly roundup.
American Power fills a long, long paragraph with links to all the blogs who've linked him. And if you're No. 71 in Wikio's poll of political blogs, you've got lots of people hanging around.
Looks like Smitty's going for the Emmy Award or something after doing a very special version of his Sunday Rule 5 roundup.
I close the roundup with Troglopundit, who may change his name to get higher in alphabetical order. He's last here because he posted Sunday, but I gave him two links to make up for being the last one on the list.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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